Adding a VK Community Project

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We connect not only projects which have their own sites (Adding a Project) but also projects that work only in social networks. Currently, registration of VK communities/groups is available.

Immediately after registering and confirming your account data, the system will offer you to add your first project:

Main project data

The name of the project is used when making a payment as the main information about the store in favour of which we make the payment. Description of the project will help you quickly determine your category, and in some cases, understand exactly what you plan to accept payments for.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The system cannot have two identical resources (project URL) in different accounts. The exception is projects that are archived.

Confirmation and completion

To go to VK and allow our app to access your social network account, click Complete:

Our Unitpay Verification app will request permission to work with VK. Click Allow:

The system will automatically check your rights to the VK community/group (you must be its creator) and immediately add the project for moderation.

To learn more about how the project is moderated, read Project Moderation section.

Important Note! To learn more about a convenient way to accept payments for stores in social networks, read Creating links for payment in your account section.

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