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About Google Pay

Google Pay™ is a fast and simple payment method that allows you to make card payments without entering card details for each payment. The card data is safely stored by Google™. This payment method is available for all devices (mobile phones and computers), regardless of the operating system and web browser.

Unitpay gives you a way to easily add it on your checkout page, making it more convenient for your clients to pay on your website.

As a merchant, you can use Google Pay™ via Unitpay checkout page or via Google PayAPI.

Integration via Unitpay checkout page

Google Pay™ via Unitpay checkout page will be available for you after integration.

Here you can read about first steps of integration (registration, adding a project).

Here you can read about work with payments.

You can check the availability of accepting payments via Google Pay™ on the settings page of your project in Unitpay. As shown in the picture below:

The payer will see a page with the name of product, prices and Google Pay™ ****button:

Connection with Google Pay API

Before you start

  • You should register with Google PayAPI to proceed with this integration option.

  • Your website should use HTTPS and support TLS protocol.

  • You should be registered with Unitpay as a merchant.


Firstly please review the following documentation in order to get familiar with the integration process:

The gateway parameter in the script should have the constant value of unitpay.

The value of the gatewayMerchantId parameter should be the identifier of the payment point where the order is made.

"gateway": "unitpay"
"gatewayMerchantId": "YOUR_GATEWAY_MERCHANT_ID"

In response, Google shall return the PaymentData item, and the field paymentMethodData.tokenizationData.token shall contain a safely encrypted Google Pay™ Token (a string of characters).

Supported payment systems:

"allowedCardNetworks": [

Supported authorization methods:

"allowedAuthMethods": [

Billing request parameter BillingAddressParametersis not used.


To charge the payment card stored under Google Pay™, in the direct method request fill in paymentType and token with the following values:

  • "paymentType": "googlepay"

  • "token": "${paymentMethodData.tokenizationData.token}"

Further processing of the request is subject to the standard payment process.

{% hint style="info" %} If the card supports 3DS for PAN_ONLY credentials, you will receive a redirectUrl in response, where you need to redirect the payer. {% endhint %}

Please note that it may be necessary to handle a redirect of the request to the 3D Secure authentication page.

  • "redirectUrl": "https://{url-for-redirect}..."

After creating the payment, you will receive paymentId, by which you can check the status of the payment.

Google Pay™ documentation:

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