Payments based on a CSV registry

Payments based on the CSV registry are available to all Unitpay partners who have mass payments open for them.

The CSV registry loading interface is located on the Mass Payouts page and allows you to generate payouts by uploading a file with the .csv extension to the system.

The number of payouts per file is limited to 100 transactions.

We advise to download the registry template, make the necessary changes, save the file and upload it to the system.

You can use both a comma and a semicolon as a separator, as well as quotes.

After uploading the file, you need to check the payment amount details and click Confirm...

...and additionally authorize the transaction by entering a code from an SMS sent to your mobile phone.

Should you have any questions regarding the activation of the Mass Payments service, please contact your account manager by phone or messenger, as well as by e-mail

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