Interface of Referrer's (Agent's) Account

From the end of 2019, our partners can participate in the referral program.

You can become a referrer, attract new customers and get 15% of the Unitpay commission (it's about 1% of the total commission) from the referrals' payments.

To become a referrer (agent), select "Referrals" in the menu in the footer of your personal account.

To get started, you need to read the terms and agree to the offer.

Then you'll need to enter a tag to identify the link (1) and create a link to register your Unitpay account (2). You can copy the link and send it to a potential referral by clicking on the Copy icon (3).

The resulting link leads to the Unitpay account registration form.

Agency fee will be charged only if the referral registers via the link!

One or more referrals may register using the same link. In this case, the revenue from them will be summed up in a single line.

The agency fees can be credited to the referrer's account balance by clicking the Add button. The credited funds can be withdrawn in any way available for your account type.

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