Project Moderation

Each new project added to the system is automatically sent for moderation. Moderation is carried out during the day on weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm. The maximum moderation time on weekdays is 24 hours.

Moderation includes a full check of the site, including checking the functionality and filling all sections with up-to-date information. A detailed story about the company, its products or services, a refund policy and up-to-date contact details - all this will help you pass moderation faster and avoid unnecessary questions from the security service. Requirements for added sites are listed below.

After passing the Moderation, the project can be assigned a temporary category "Starting" or final (for example, "Sale of services").

"Starting" category

This category means that your project passed the initial check, but during the moderation, the security service had clarifications. For example, the site does not meet all requirements or additional documents are required.

In this case, the project will be assigned the status "In progress", and a detailed comment from the security service will be received in the Notifications section:

After completing the improvements, the project must be sent for re-checking through the link “Refined” in the Personal Account:

If no changes are made, then after 14 days the project will be transferred to the "Archived" status. If you make improvements after that, the project will need to be removed for re-moderation.

Final moderation of the project

This category means that your project has successfully passed the full review. In this case, the project will be assigned the status "Active" and assigned the appropriate category, for example, "Sale of goods" or "Online games"

The possibility of receiving and withdrawing funds is opened only for partners who have sent the necessary package of documents. In the "Payments" section, you should familiarize yourself with the current offers. After clicking on the "Agree and continue" button, you will be redirected to a page with a list of documents required for cooperation and instructions on how to provide them.

Attention: the button for accepting offers becomes active after the project has passed the initial check.

To learn more about how to set up payment acceptance, read the API Payments section.

Requirements for projects with their added websites

  1. The site must have a static IP address and be hosted on a paid hosting;

  2. The site should not contain information prohibited for distribution in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Rules of Payment Systems;

  3. The site should not contain links and banners that contradict the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, including suspicious sites (for example, sites for adults, etc.), as well as links from banner networks in which banners of suspicious / prohibited content;

  4. All internal links of the site must be working, and pages and sections are filled with relevant information;

  5. For licensed activities, the site must contain information about licenses, permits from the manufacturer, copyright holder or government agencies for the Goods sold;

  6. The following information must be posted on the website in open access: 6.1 Data on the legal entity of the Enterprise (name, legal and actual address, TIN, PSRN, contact phone number, e-mail, etc.); 6.2 Full description of the consumer characteristics of the Goods sold and the Price of the Goods; 6.3 User agreement / offer; 6.4 Conditions and procedure for the return and cancellation of the Goods / Services; 6.5 It is necessary to specify the Conditions, procedure and terms of delivery of the Goods/Services; 6.6 Information about the event, payment procedure and rules; 6.7 Information security policy; 6.8 Personal data processing policy; 6.9 Logos; 6.10 Registration form for the client (data about the client placing the order).

  7. The site does not have the right to sell Products / Services that are prohibited for sale:

    7.1 Goods/services that are contrary to the current legislation of the Russian Federation; 7.2 Illegal gambling business (casinos, bookmakers, etc.); 7.3 Lotteries; 7.4 Auctions; 7.5 Currency exchange; 7.6 Telemarketing; 7.7 Financial pyramids; 7.8 Attracting investments; 7.9 Websites of political and near-political topics, election campaigning; 7.10 Charity, contributions, donations without appropriate licenses, and without a full description on the site, information about sponsors and about the formation of the foundation; 7.11 Pornographic materials; 7.12 Distribution of products promoting violence, ethnic hatred, terrorism; 7.13 Any magical/psychic services; 7.14 Marriage services, female and male escorts; 7.15 Erotic massage services; 7.16 Medical services and online consultations with diagnosis; 7.17 Sale of rare/exotic animals; 7.18 Sale of weapons, explosives (also products structurally similar to weapons); 7.19 Sale of alcohol; 7.20 Sale of narcotic and psychotropic substances; 7.21 Sale of tobacco, tobacco products, cigarettes (including various kinds of electronic and fillers for them); 7.22 Sale of medical and medicinal preparations and dietary supplements; 7.23 Forgery of documents; 7.24 File sharing; 7.25 Software and services for changing the phone number for outgoing calls and SMS; 7.26 Sale of software without agreements with suppliers or developers of this software, confirming the license and permission to sell on the Internet; 7.27 Sale of bank card details and paid access to personal data (MTS, Beeline, MGTS databases, driver's licenses, etc.); 7.28 Vehicle mileage correction, meter modification tools, intervention in the vehicle program code (chipping, upgrading); 7.29 Sale of cheat codes for computer games, bots; 7.30 Replicas of branded goods or resale of content (eg courses); 7.31 Sports predictions; 7.32 loan matching services; 7.33 Calling projects for prank calls; 7.34 Sale of social accounts; 7.35 Sub-aggregator sites.

Requirements for projects with added VK groups/communities

  1. The VK group or community must not sell goods or services, as well as actions or omissions prohibited by law, regulations, and rules of international payment systems.

  2. The VK group/community must explicitly state the goods/services which payment is collected for.

  3. The VK group/community must contain valid contact information or have the ability to write a message.

  4. Rules/user agreement and refund policy must be publicly available in the VK group/community.

  5. The VK group/community must be active ("live" followers, news updates, etc.).

  6. The VK group/community must be open for content verification.

The project name should match the name of the company, product or project used on the site. The project description should specify the type of products and/or services sold on the site.

Project statuses in the system

ACTIVE: the project has successfully passed moderation, and payment acceptance will be available to your customers in full after sending documents and agreeing with suppliers.

IN DEVELOPMENT: if your site needs non-critical improvements, we allow you to eliminate them within 14 days after the initial moderation. If the project is not sent by you for re-checking within 14 days, it will automatically go to the archive. After following these recommendations, send the project for rechecking by clicking on the "Refined" button (see your drawing).

UNDER RECHECK: You have fixed the bugs and submitted the site for recheck. If the recommendations are met, your project will be assigned relevant categories. Re-checking the project is carried out within 72 hours after sending.

IN THE ARCHIVE: any project can be moved to a special archive, while accepting payments for your clients will become unavailable. The same status will be given to projects whose transactions have not been completed for more than two months since the last successful payment.

BLOCKED: The security team has decided to reject the project. This may be due to its content, as well as the activities of the company itself.

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